Caroline, a Multi skilled creative

Creative Ideas

Popping ideas for you like a popcorn machine

Business Branding

Wrapping your business in suitable clothes

Marketing Communication

Planning, execution and analysis of activities

Print & Digital Design

Professional consistent appearance everywhere

Web Development

 Go online and have your business available 24/7

App Development

(coming soon)


Carnaby Wines

Carnaby Wines Logo and brochure

JKH Stable Logo

JKH Stables Logo, social media pages and website

Prolinjärteknik visual identity

Prolinjärteknik Logo, brand guide, social media pages and website

Säljoptimera business cards

Säljoptimera Sverige Logo, brand guide, social media pages and website

What others say

I have really enjoyed working with Caroline and she is someone who I trust to get on with things under her own initiative and rarely needs anything explaining twice. She has a broad, up-to-date range of knowledge and doesn’t mind telling you if she thinks there’s a better way of doing things. Usually she’s right.

Caroline is quick to learn and her work is thorough. Her communication skills are excellent and she’s a true team player, always ready to share ideas.

Paul Barrett

Senior Full Stack Web Developer, The Oxygen Agency

Caroline is like a Kinder Egg, 3 in 1, design, programming, and project management. A competent and shining star who can handle everything and then some. Make sure to work with Caroline, she’s a rock.

Anna Söby

Vice President, Ottoboni

Caroline is a friendly, talented and hard working Developer. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her over the last year or so, and I am always impressed by her projects, positive attitude, and the way she is quick to jump in and help out a fellow developer who’s stuck on a bug. I have no doubt that she will make a valuable member of any team lucky enough to count her among its assets.

Robert Manolis

Front-end & Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree Administrator & Student Success Specialist, Team Treehouse

I had the good fortune of working with Caroline for a brief time at the Aztec Shops. We collaborated on marketing campaigns and graphic design projects, and she is a pleasure to work with. Caroline works hard and does well both alone and in a team. She is diligent, punctual and learns easily. She can be trusted to handle projects from start to finishand handles constructive criticism well, using it to learn and grow.

Caroline has been helpful i all areas of the office, and is always offering to help her coworkers with whatever they might need.

It has been a pleasure working with Caroline and I recommend her with no reservations.

Nasrin Naraghi

Director of Visual Communications, Aztec Shops

Maria Eklind

Production Manager, Promedia

Caroline has had two parental leave substitute positions in our marketing department during her employment. In the first assignment, she substituted as a marketing coordinator. Her main responsibilities were to plan activities and campaigns, create marketing materials, and update our intranet. As Caroline is a highly skilled graphic designer, she has been able to develop our graphic profile and has produced much of our material. Her second substitute position was as a web developer, where she quickly updated herself in the field and independently worked on developing our and two additional savings banks’ digital channels.

Caroline is very ambitious and has a knack for learning. She has been a very responsible, independent, and structured employee, and has always delivered excellent results.

Based on the above, we would like to give Caroline our highest recommendations.

Erika (Johansson) Hemberg

Marketing Director, Sala Sparbank

Caroline has primarily been responsible for the production of marketing communication materials during her tenure. This material has included brochures, posters, advertisements, and trade show materials. Caroline has worked on both text and image design.

Caroline has performed her duties with excellent results. She has been a highly valued colleague and has collaborated seamlessly with coworkers, clients, and suppliers. Therefore, we would like to extend our highest recommendations to Caroline’s future employer.

Hans Oskar

Marketing Director, Mälarenergi


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