About coding Caroline

I live to fulfil dreams and achieve goals

I am a doer and a dreamer – a builder and visionary. When we do things we love, fulfil our dreams and reach our goals and potential, magic will happen.

Today I am living my dream – working doing something I love from wherever I choose. Now I want to help you to fulfil your dreams. By helping you improve your visual and/or digital presence I can hopefully help you and your business achieve your aspirations and goals.

Together we can reach the stars. Let’s do it!

There are always ways to improve. Brands and websites are dynamic and should evolve and keep up to date. Let me, along with my creative and technical skills, help to boost your business.

If you would like to tag along on this rich and fulfilling journey, contact me today. Even if you don’t have the need for my services right now, we can still connect. I love to make new friends and in the end, every business is down to the people behind it. Let’s have a hot or cold drink (IRL or virtually) and get to know each other and discuss interesting things. 😊


My background story

Creativity, curiosity and an open mind have always been my superpowers


Ever since I could hold a pencil I have been creating stories and innovative worlds on paper. I’ve always been curious about life and interested to find new and efficient solutions to problems.

When I was young I dreamt about becoming a multi-artist when I grew up. I wanted to draw, write, create things, innovate things, and work with pens and paper in an office. When I got in contact with computers and the internet and realised what I can create digitally, and how I can connect with people in other locations, I was hooked!

I went to college and studied media with focus on marketing communication and illustration. I also had the opportunity to learn about web development, photography and graphic design. I enjoyed it all but since I was one of the more promising Swedish young riders in showjumping at the time I decided to work with horses after my graduation (which I did miss out on because I was competing in the Swedish Championships that day). I love horses and they have taught me so much in life. In the stable I learned to work hard to reach my goals. It also taught me how to cooperate and to lead. But most importantly I learned to have respect for other living beings, nature, and the hard work behind success.

After some years working with horses I decided to make my creativity my profession and did a vocational training in visual communication and project management for two years. It also included some basic web development. I decided to register as self-employed during my studies to be able to take on paid projects for small businesses. I also landed a project based job at a web agency in Stockholm before I graduated.

I worked as a graphic designer for a few years before I got headhunted by a bank to work at their marketing department when their Marketing Coordinator went on an annual maternity leave. A year later I found myself in another maternity leave contract at the same bank, but then as a Web Developer. I knew HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript and how to work with the WordPress CMS and to style it to look the way I wanted. However, I wanted to become more advanced and learn proper programming and started to study aside of my full-time job. Then a dream started to take shape and I knew I had to do something about it. It was too strong to ignore. I wanted to be able to travel the world and work from whatever location I wanted. I went to university to study Web Programming more seriously and I could even do the whole education online. Since then I have been working with design and web development and travelled the world. So here I am, a lot of hard work and years later, living my dream. I am working with something I love in a place that I love. Yes, dreams can come true!