Make WordPress blog posts appear as sub-pages to your blog page

by | 10 August 2020 | WordPress | 0 comments

By default WordPress blog posts will be shown as children to the main site like this:
To make your posts appear as sub-pages to your blog page in the URL, you will have to go the WordPress Admin Dashboard and Settings > Permalinks to change it. When you come to that settings page it will look like this:
Where it says Custom Structure, make sure it’s active and then add your blog page’s name before /%postname%/, like I’ve done above. Remember to add a forward slash (/) before the page name as well. In my case, I wrote /blog in front of the dynamic post name. Save your changes when you’re done.

So now my blog posts are shown like they are sub-pages to the main blog page like this:
II hope you find this helpful.

Happy Web Developing!