Customised Support

We all need a little help sometimes

To have access to a helping friend or knowledgable colleague whenever you’re stuck or need to discuss something can be invaluable.

When you need advice, a helping hand, or want someone to discuss your ideas with I am here for you. I offer beneficial support packages where you can buy a certain amount of time each month, or you can pay per hour if you want full flexibility. The time can be spent on design or web related things, whatever you and your business need at the moment.


Examples of what I can help you with

Ideas and brainstorming

I am generally good at coming up with creative ideas and solutions. When you want someone to bounce ideas for new concepts, campaigns or something with I can be that person.


When you need to setup a plan for marketing activities to know what content or material you will need, for what channels, and when, I can help you set up a plan. I can also suggest tools for it.


DIY advice and guidance

If you do things yourself and get stuck or want to discuss potential solutions I am here for you. It doesn’t matter if it is about design, WordPress or code. Whenever I can help you I will. 


Get it done

I can do the practical work for you by supporting you with my design and web services. When you have my support I provide you with my skills and my time to do whatever you need help with.