Web Design & Development

Your website is (or should be) an asset

When a customer or client walks into your store or office you want them to feel welcome and well taken care of. Your website will have to do that job when someone visits you online.

You want to make the most out of your website so it supports your business. What you need for it to do so might be specific information, a shop, member portal, chat support, or some other functionality. I can help you design, build and maintain it. Or if you only want some guidance to do it yourself I can offer you my support.


Examples of what I can help you with


A website can be simple or complex. It can store a little or a lot. An important thing to remember is to keep it user-friendly, up to date, helpful and responsive. This will make both search engines and your customers and clients to love it.


Make your website earn you money by selling your products and services with an integrated shop. You can also attach additional functionality like chat support, membership portals, digital courses and more. Let the website work for you.


With customised and well designed emails you can keep your customers and clients up to date with your expertise, and what is going on in your business. Just remember to obey the GDPR rules and make sure your audience is informed about it.

Social Media

Your website is the base for all your business’s digital content, while social media is a tool to share it and stay connected with your followers. Set up a plan for what to post and when, make sure it is on brand, and keep on top of it with smart tools.


What programming languages do you use?

I am frequently working with HTML5, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (full-stack with Node, React, Vue, Express), PHP and SQL.

Why do you work with WordPress?

It is the most used CSM in the world for several reasons. WordPress is open source (free) and there is a big community around it. It has a lot of built in functionality which saves a lot of time (money) when you set up a new web site. Because of the big developer community there are millions of plugins to suit various technical needs, like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Contact Form 7 for advanced forms, WPML for multi-language sites and so on. It is also prepared for adding custom post types, plugins and themes which speeds up development. You just need to know what to use and when, and of course how to customise things to look and function as we want. Mainly WordPress is a cost efficient way to get advanced and awesome websites.