Caroline is a friendly, talented and hard working Developer. I've had the pleasure to work with her over the last year or so, and I am always impressed by her projects, positive attitude, and the way she is quick to jump in and help out a fellow developer who's stuck on a bug. I have no doubt that she will make a valuable member of any team lucky enough to count her among its assets.

Robert Manolis

Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree Coordinator and Student Success Specialist, Treehouse

Caroline learned quickly and has worked well in the production team, with both clients and colleagues. She has also shown very good knowledge and talent in graphic design, takes great responsibility for her work and can manage to work with tight deadlines.

Maria Eklind

Head of Production, Promedia / MittMedia

Caroline was a production manager at Ottoboni and she was extremely appreciated by both customers and employees. She ran the content section of a large intranet project with a lot of communication, ordering and tracking, follow-up, reporting and qualifications of EpiServer.

Caroline is a very competent and creative person, who has always delivered in time with high quality.

I can really recommend Caroline. The one who gets the benefit of working with her should be very happy.

Anna Söby

Vice President, Ottoboni

Caroline is a creative person who is not afraid to work hard and take responsibility. Here you get a girl who can deliver!

Erika Johansson Hemberg

Head of Strategy and Development, Sala Sparbank

Caroline has performed her duties with our company to great effect. She has been a very appreciated member of our team, co-operating with colleagues, clients and suppliers effortlessly. We are pleased to offer our very best recommendations to Caroline's future employer.

Hans Oskar

Head of Communications, Mälarenergi

Caroline has a good sense of initiative and is always working on something. A plus is she also loves to learn more within graphic design. Lastly, I also want to mention that she can handle clients in a very good way, very important in a small company.

Patrik Lindquist

CEO, Linkan Reklambyrå

I had the good fortune to work with Caroline. We collaborated on marketing campaigns and graphic design projects, and she is a pleasure to work with. Caroline works hard and does well both alone and in a team. She is diligent , punctual and learns easily. She can be trusted to handle projects from start to finish and handle constructive criticism very well, using it to learn and grow. She has been very helpful in all areas of the office, and is always offering to help her coworkers with whatever they might need. It has been a pleasure working with Caroline and I recommend her with no reservations.

Nasrin Naraghi

Director of Visual Communications, Aztec Shops San Diego State University