Employee Directory

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Json | Public API

In this project, I used the Random User Generator API to grab information for 12 random “employees,” and used that data to build a prototype for an Awesome Startup employee directory. The app requests a JSON object from the API and parse the data so that 12 employees are listed in a grid with their thumbnail image, full name, email, and location. Clicking the employee’s image or name will open a modal window with more detailed information, such as the employee’s birthday and address.

Web App Dashboard

HTML | CSS | Sass | jQuery

Web dashboard built with JavaScript-driven charts and graphs. Settings saved in the local storage so it remains after re-loading the page.

Online Registration Form


A responsive, mobile-friendly registration form using a wide variety of HTML form input types and attributes. Mobile and desktop version of the form using media queries, and a “mobile-first” approach.

Interactive Photo Gallery

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | jQuery

An interactive photo gallery using JavaScript and jQuery. At the top of the page is a search function that will hide and show images depending on user input. When the user clicks on a thumbnail, the photo will display in a lightbox.

Web Style Guide

HTML | CSS | Sass | BEM

I was responsible for creating rules to style the web page using the provided class names. I used Sass to do this, using partials, variables, extends, and mixins to apply the styles and classes to the style guide page.

Interactive Video Player

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

HTML5 video player with JS and the HTML5 Video API. Interactive video player that synchronises a video and its transcript. When a user clicks any part of the transcript it takes them to the appropriate place in the video.

SVG Animations


I used SVGs to spruce up and add a bit of character to this website. I created SVG symbols to manipulate SVGs depending of media queries.

React Photo Gallery

JavaScript | React | JSX | Axios

An image gallery using React and the Flickr API. After creating the project with create-react-app, I did build the gallery components, wrote CSS and set up routing.

Wheel of Success Game

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

A browser version of “Wheel of Success”, a word guessing game where players will click letters from an onscreen keyboard to try to guess a random phrase.

Conference Registration

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

A registration form that changes the options and information depending on the user’s interaction with it. Real time validation with JavaScript.

Twitter Interface

Node | Express | Pug | REST API

Using Twitter’s REST API to access Twitter profile information and render it to a user. The page automatically authenticate access to the Twitter profile and display recent activity.

Student Directory

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

Pagination and search filtering of a student directory using vanilla JavaScript.

Säljoptimera Sverige

Copy | Photo | WordPress

Branding project from conceptual ideas to brand guidelines, print material and fully functioning responsive website.

Avans Linjärteknik


Pro Linjärteknik was so pleased with their website I made for them that when they got acquired they wanted me to build a similar website for the new company.

Tic-Tac-Toe Game


A functional Tic Tac Toe game. A player plays agains the computer. Keeps track of the state of the game — whose turn it is, where the X’s and O’s are on the board, and whether the game is a draw or, if not, who won and lost.

Quote Generator

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

This is a quote generator that randomly selects a quote and color and presents it to the screen.

Tre Smeder


A WordPress website for a jewelry shop in Sweden that needed to upgrade to a modern and responsive web design.

JKH Stable

Branding | Design | WordPress

Branding concept with logo, color scheme, website and Facebook page for an international high end equestrian business.


Logo Design | Vector Graphics

Logo design for an Icelandic recruitment company. They had an idea and I realized it and delivered a vector graphic logo.


Logo Design | Vector Graphics

Logo for a railroad maintenance and heavy vehicle transportation company.


Logo Design | Vector Graphics

Logo Design for an investment company.

Pro Linjärteknik

Branding | Design | WordPress

Branding concept and WordPress website for an industrial technology company with business all over Europe.

Carnaby Wines

Logo Design | Graphic Design

Logo design, folder design and roll-up design for a Maltese/Italian wine importer/exporter.


Branding | Design

Branding and graphic design work for a sales company that wanted to look strong, successful and bold.

Norruddens Ekonomibyrå

Logo Design | Vector Graphics

A financial services agency logo.